About Us

MOTORS Magazine is a project founded back in 2012 as a monthly magazine.
Featuring as main topics the most updated information on the automobile industry as well as  Motorsports both locally and worldwide, MOTORS covers a wide range of motorized sports events. Hobbies and gadgets are two other topics focused by MOTORS.
As a project mostly done locally in Macau, it has also the aim of being a vehicle to promote Macau SAR and to show abroad what the territory has to offer, specially in terms of entertainment and tourism.
During the first three years of life MOTORS also established several partnerships with Racing Drivers and Riders as well as numerous brands and other Media both online and printed, creating a consistent network for a fast and outspreading information disclosure.

In 2015 MOTORS enters in a new Era, a more digital Era so to say, following the advances of the technology and the interests of the readers and fans.
MOTORS Magazine Online is the best expression of this new Era, making MOTORS arrive broader, faster and easier giving it finally a worldwide dimension.

Although we are facing the future, we do believe that will always have space for the traditional printed media so we won't discard those platforms and supports, keeping finding news possibilities of improvement.